Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics

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What is Dental Aesthetics?

Dental Aesthetics is the discipline of Dentistry that uses medical techniques to improve the aesthetic appearance (and not necessarily the functionality) of teeth, gums and bite.

Mostly they are treatments that aim to improve the color, position, shape, size and general appearance of the smile.

However, even functional therapies have their impact on dental aesthetics: think of the both aesthetic and functional benefit offered by a dental prosthesis that replaces a previously fallen tooth; think about the value of reconstructing a fractured tooth both in terms of beauty and from a functional and dental health perspective; think about the importance of wearing an orthodontic appliance for the correct position of the teeth and for closing the bite, and how much correcting these characteristics enhances a person’s smile.

For this reason we want to underline that there is no clear distinction between dental aesthetic therapies and more traditional dental therapies: aesthetic care often coincides with clinical dental care.

Dental Aesthetics at Di Gioia Dental Practice

At Di Gioia Dental Practice, Dental Aesthetic therapies are performed by Dr. Claudio Di Gioia and Dr. Milvia Di Gioia.

The Di Gioia Doctors are dentists with thirty years of experience, with experience as university professors, and both with multiple participations in specialization courses in Smile Aesthetics.

Dental aesthetic therapies are performed by observing the most advanced techniques and using the best quality medical materials: this is because the goal of Studio Di Gioia is to make people happy with their smile.

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