Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

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What is Facial Aesthetics in a Dental Practice?

Facial Aesthetics, in the field of dentistry, is a complementary clinical discipline that uses medical techniques to enhance patient face by intervening on the perioral areas, i.e. the tissues adjacent to the mouth.

The facial aesthetic therapies carried out in a dental office, if requested, are part of the therapeutic process and involve the lips, chin, and the surrounding areas of the mouth.

Why request aesthetic therapies at our dental practice?

Requesting aesthetic therapies at Di Gioia Dental Practice means wanting to eliminate facial imperfections without distort your appearance, preserving a natural and authentic image.

Dr. Milvia Di Gioia has been working in this area for many years, after having participated in many training courses, including:

Master in Oral and Extraoral Aesthetics, at the University of Padova;

Masters in Aesthetic Medicine, at the iCamp Collage in Milan;

Master in Orofacial Pain and Sleep Disorders, at the University of Parma.

As with all therapies performed in our office, the equipment and medical protocols used are state-of-the-art, in order to obtain the best possible results and make our patients happy.

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