Open Smile Day- May 16, 2023

Open Smile Day- May 16, 2023


You are invited on May 16 at Via Dante 97 in Bari, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., to our Open Smile Day.

On this day, our team of orthodontics, periodontics and esthetics specialists is ready to offer you a comprehensive evaluation of your smile, with no obligation, to guide you in choosing the care you need for your specific needs.

A harmonious smile changes your life!

Come and discover the smile you’ve always wanted.



What we offer you:

A personalized analysis of the disharmonies of your smile, including:

  • The verification of dental alignment and malocclusion
  • The aesthetic analysis of the lips and facial skin
  • Assessment of your tooth color and whitening options
  • A diagnosis of the health status of your gums

Our goal is to guide you in choosing the care you need for your specific needs to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Your advantages:

  • The first 5 people enrolled
    to the skin analysis will receive, in addition to useful information and gadgets, a clutch bag containing a travel-size sunscreen from the


  • If you also make a reservation for skin analysis, you can find out how to take care of your smile and skin with high-quality products, on promotion for the day only .
  • And if you decide to start your treatment by May 26 with aligners you will benefit from an exclusive Open Smile Day promotion worth 500 euros. Fill out the contact form for more details.
  • Also take advantage of the exclusive Open Smile Day – Aesthetics promotion, discounted and personalized rates on intraoral and extraoral dental treatments.

Don’t miss the opportunity for exclusive promotions

Why choose invisible orthodontics?

Invisalign® aligners are transparent and removable and are used to properly align teeth during orthodontic therapy.

Their features make them a particularly popular and desired invisible orthodontic device: Invisalign® masks are made of clear resin so they do not disturb the natural smile; they are removable and can be easily worn and removed for daily dental hygiene.

Here’s how our digital pathway enables you to get your new smile:

  • Preview smile test through 3D simulation;
  • Pre-visualization of what the face will look like when the course is finished;
  • Review of your personalized treatment;
  • Monitoring of progress achieved in collaboration with our team.

Who we are

Our goal is to ensure health and well-being for our patients, to offer high-standard care that is always innovative, effective and scientifically validated.

Our task is to accompany the patient through his or her course of treatment, reducing discomfort as much as possible and without pain. Therefore, we strive for our patients to feel proud of their smiles, exhibiting strong and healthy teeth, an expression of our professionalism and expertise.

This ideal has led Drs. Di Gioia ‘s team to be adental excellence: we follow the most advanced medical protocols with the best equipment to produce the best possible results.


Specialized in Orthodontics


Specialized in Implantology, Periodontology and Smile Aesthetics


Expert in Gnatology, Dental Prosthesis and Aesthetic Medicine

How does orthodontic therapy with clear aligners work?


Orthodontic brackets, similar to traditional braces, are used to gradually move teeth into their correct position.

Invisible aligner therapy requires the production of templates for the different phases of treatment: each set of templates is used for only one phase of therapy and then replaced with the next set as treatment progresses. The total number of masks varies according to the patient’s needs.

Let’s see what the treatment steps are, in general:

  • Creation of therapy goals based on patient needs and clinical diagnosis.

We devote ample space to the interview to allow the patient to express their discomfort, understand their specific needs and compare them with the health, aesthetic and functional situation of the mouth and smile. At the end of the visit we set therapeutic goals together, which will be confirmed after diagnostic data collection.

  • Acquisition of Diagnostic Images

Invisalign® therapy begins with diagnostic imaging of the patient’s mouth through 2D and 3D clinical photographs, malocclusion registration, and digital dental scanning. The diagnosis is completed with the help of X-rays to analyze the health of the jaw bones, teeth, and gums or the possible presence of certain pathologies (e.g., cysts) not visible to the naked eye.

  • Creation of the Orthodontic Project

At this point, the information collected is processed on the computer with specific software, which allows the therapy to be designed (Digital Clin Check).

Within the software you decide how to intervene on the position of the teeth by getting a 3D preview of the therapy result.
You define how much pressure the device should exert on the teeth, with what sequence based on the end result you want to achieve, and plan the different stages of gradual tooth displacement.

  • Invisalign® Mask Set

Next, Invisalign® mask sets are produced to be worn by the patient.
Each set of aligners is designed to be worn 1-2 weeks, depending on the specific condition of the case, before proceeding to the next phase of therapy. The succession of templates proceeds until the position of the teeth predicted by the digital clin check is reached .

We have to consider biological variability versus a very precise, digitally planned system. For this reason, we generally recommend initiating comprehensive treatment of both dental arches. This choice makes it possible to re-intervene on orthodontic treatment over a long period of time (5 years) if unexpected changes occur, at virtually no additional cost.

  • Post-treatment restraint

The restraint phase involves wearing a mask quite similar to those used during treatment, or other devices depending on the patient’s anatomical and functional condition, which is used to maintain dental position over time once active treatment is completed.

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