Di Gioia Dental Practice

Di Gioia Dental Practice

Di Gioia Dental Practice

the Di Gioia Dental Practice has been based in the centre of Bari for over 50 years, and it is located in via Dante Alighieri 97, just 100 meters far from the Aldo Moro railway station and one block from the University.

The location in the city center makes the Practice easily accessible for all patients, who are resident in Bari or coming from other regions. This clarification is made in view of the different origins of our patients, who come to Bari from all over Puglia, Calabria, Abruzzo and Campania.

The rooms of the Di Gioia Dental Studio are large and bright: following the renovation carried out in 2014, the rooms of the Studio were redesigned to give them a modern and sophisticated look, guaranteeing well-being to our guests both in the reception room and in the rooms dedicated to dental therapies.

Waiting Room

The welcome inside Studio Di Gioia takes place in this bright and comfortable environment by our Secretariat managers. The waiting room is a thermo-regulated space, which offers relief to patients during hot summer
days and warms them with pleasant warmth on cold winter days. The comfortable leather seats, the wi-fi connection, the music and the television make your stay in the Studio particularly pleasant. In particular, the internet connection ensures our guests rapid navigation, while the wall screen transmits information on dentistry topics, therapies and Studio updates.

Children’s Playing Area

Our Studio has a dedicated space for children, where they can play and familiarize with the environment.
In particular, a play area is made available to them with blackboard, crayons, and sheets, a flat-screen TV with Netflix subscription where they can watch their favorite shows.

Medical Rooms

Studio Di Gioia has seven medical rooms, dedicated to general dentistry,
orthodontics, aesthetics and oral surgery therapies. Each room is adequately equipped to facilitate the execution of medical protocols, with technical supports.

Furthermore, these environments and equipment are scrupulously sanitized before each therapy, guaranteeing a safe space for the patient. To these seven medical rooms is added a diagnostic space where radiological analyzes are safely performed.

Sterilization Room

The sterilization procedures are used to guarantee a healthy environment for our guests and staff.

For this reason, the environments and instruments are subjected to a validated sterilization procedure, which is carried out in a specific clinical space.

The distinction of this environment serves to carry out sterilization procedures in safety, preventing risks of contamination.