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What is pedodontics?

Pedodontics, also called Pediatric Dentistry, is the discipline of Dentistry that deals with protecting the dental health of children and adolescents.

Regular check-ups with the dentist are important for children to make sure their teeth are growing in the right way. The development of malocclusions occurs as early as two years of age and the health of the milk teeth influences the development of the permanent teeth.

The Development of Milk Teeth and Permanent Teeth.

Children develop their teeth starting from the 6th month of life, when their first milk tooth erupts. The development of milk teeth continues up to the age of 2, when all 20 milk teeth have appeared.

Milk teeth are temporary teeth which are later replaced by the permanent dentition.

This process begins at the age of 6, when the milk teeth begin to move and fall out physiologically.

The baby teeth are completely replaced by the permanent teeth when the child is about 12 years old.

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Protecting Milk Teeth

Pedodontics helps prevent serious dental pathologies in adulthood: healthy milk teeth promote the correct growth of the jaw bones.

Conversely, diseased milk teeth that fall out early damage the child’s dental development: the lack of a tooth allows the other teeth to widen by occupying the empty space. This dental displacement can lead to an incorrect arrangement of the teeth, which negatively affects the conformation of the permanent dentition.

The consequence of disordered tooth growth is the need for orthodontic techniques to correct tooth occlusion and properly align teeth.

Pedodontics at Di Gioia Dental Practice

At Di Gioia Dental Practice, pedodontic therapies are carried out paying great attention to the little ones, following methods that reassure them and encourage the collaboration of young patients.

For our dentists it is important to guide our patients in a gradual path of knowledge of the therapies, creating a relationship of trust with them.

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