Dental Radiology

Dental Radiology

Dental Radiology

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What is dental radiology?

Dental Radiology is an important diagnostic tool for identifying otherwise invisible oral health problems and for gaining insight into patient-related clinical information.

Radiology procedures in dentistry use low levels of radiation to take images of the inside of the teeth and gums.

Orthopanoramic – Radiological analysis that allows a global view of the dental arches and adjacent bone structures. The orthopanoramic analysis produces a two-dimensional image of the entire mouth, including dental and bone tissue.

The orthopanoramic is performed at the beginning of dental therapy to have greater awareness of the patient’s clinical situation.

Intraoral radiography (RX) – Radiological analysis that allows to have information on one or a limited number of teeth, deepening the information on a limited area of ​​the mouth.

The intraoral rx analysis produces a two-dimensional image of a small portion of the mouth, describing the periodontal tissues. Intraoral radiography is done to check for abscesses and granulomas, tooth decay, and other abnormalities.

Dental Radiology at Di Gioia Dental Practice

The dental radiology tools used by the doctors of Studio Di Gioia are equipment that performs Orthopanoramic and Intraoral RX tests. These instruments are very precise and safe because they are latest
generation devices that use digital technology and emit significantly lower amounts of radiation than traditional devices.

Furthermore, the radiological equipment is periodically scrupulously checked by an
expert and qualified technician external to the Studio. The control procedures are carried out following the legal regulations which certify their efficiency and safety.

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