The Team Di Gioia

The Team Di Gioia

Di Gioia's Team

The Di Gioia Dental Practice is a multidisciplinary center that can count within it on multiple professional figures who collaborate with each other to offer our guests the best possible experience.

We present the Studio Di Gioia team: a team of high-level doctors, who will take care of your health with the utmost competence and professionalism.


Di Gioia Doctors

Doctors Claudio and Milvia Di Gioia are the doctors who expertly manage the Studio: they have been carrying out clinical activity for over 25 years, they cover the role of professors at the University and are active in the field of research.

During the first visit you will have the pleasure of meeting the Di Gioia Doctors, who will carry out the preliminary analyzes to have a better understanding of your clinical picture.

Dr. Claudio Di Gioia

Dr. Claudio Di Gioia

Specialized in Implantology, Periodontology and Dental Aesthetics
Dr. Milva Di Gioia

Dr. Milva Di Gioia

Expert in Gnatology, Dental Prosthesis and Smile Aesthetics

Medical Dental Staff

Below we present the dental medical staff who support the activities of the Doctors Di Gioia: in our office we can count on several dentists, orthodontists, and dental assistants.


Dr. Rosapia Cialdella

Specialist in Orthodontics


Dr. Giovanna Lanave



Dr. Raffaella Fortunato

Dental hygienist


Dr. Marika Pigno

Dental hygienist


Dr. Fiorenza Volpe

Dental hygienist


Dr. Rosita Tauro

Doctor of Dentistry


Dr. Ivan Calabrese

Doctor of Dentistry


Dr. Giusy Caprio

Doctor of Dentistry


Josephine Pezzella

Armchair Assistant


Mary De Luisi

Armchair Assistant


Ina Arizi

Armchair Assistant

Medical Administrative Staff

Finally, it is our concern to introduce you to our administrative staff: Mrs. Luciana and Mrs. Gianna will welcome you to our office and schedule appointments with you.


Luciana Martelli

Administrative Secretariat Manager


Gianna Macchia

Head of the Secretariat