Multidisciplinary Dental Center

Di Gioia Dental Studio is a multidisciplinary dental center: thanks to the collaboration of multiple specialist medical figures, with 30 years of clinical experience and university teaching roles, Studio Di Gioia can offer its patients complete and high-level prevention and treatment plans.

Specifically, Drs. Di Gioia are dentists specialized in the following dental disciplines:


Implantology and Periodontology

Rehabilitative and surgical methods that aim to restore the health, functionality, and aesthetics of the dental elements and periodontium.
odontoiatra bari


Methods concerning the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malposition of teeth, bones and bad occlusion between them.

Dental and Smile Aesthetics

Methods that enhance the patient's smile, which may concern dental veneers, whitening, and perioral injection of fillers and botulinum toxin.

Doctors Di Gioia

Our goal is to ensure the health and well-being of our patients: we believe that the job of a good dentist is to eliminate pain and make patients proud of their smiles.

For this reason, we are committing to ensuring that our patients to live happily with strong and healthy teeth, expression of our professionalism and competence.

This vision led us, Doctors. Di Gioia, to be a dental excellence. We perform the most advanced medical protocols with the best equipment, to produce the best possible results.

Dr. Claudio Di Gioia

Dr. Claudio Di Gioia

Trained in Implantology, Periondotology and Smile Aesthetics

Dr. Milvia Di Gioia

Dr. Milvia Di Gioia

Dental prosthesis and Smile Aesthetics
Active member of the Italiana Society of Periodontology and Implantology

About Us

Read the beautiful words with which our patients describe us: we are very proud of receiving positive reviews from our patients.

“Great in experience and professionalism, safety and skills, and also in empathy with patients. All the staff is helpful and correct. Thank you for the serenity you give us.”

Mina Raguseo
Mina Raguseo

“I have been relying on Studio Di Gioia for 10 years now and the service has always been of a high standard, from the competence to the friendliness of the staff, always attentive to my requests and needs.”

Andrea Scaringello
Andrea Scaringello

“I have been a patient of this Studiio for 8 years. Well what can I say. They have solved huge problems I had. knowledgeable, polite and friendly staff. Hygiene and preparation at the highest level. Not only that, the doctors are always up to date on everything. To consider myself satisfied is reductive!”

Augusto Di Cagno
Augusto Di Cagno

“The best Studio in the world. First I was a patient of Dr. Elio and then moved on to his sons, all great! Professionalism and expertise. My smile? All thanks to them! “

Gege Cupertino
Gege Cupertino

“I have been doing it from you @studiodigioia for two years now and I am super satisfied! You have given me back my smile and given me 10 years less!”

Angela Santoro
Angela Santoro

Studio Di Gioia

Studio Di Gioia was founded in 1972, a full 50 years ago, thanks to Prof. Elio Di Gioia, who was a Doctor of Dentistry and inaugurated the first dental office in Apulia totally dedicated to Orthodontics.

Today, Studio Di Gioia is a Dentistry Associate Practice specialized in Implantology and Periodontology, Orthodontics and Smile Aesthetics, held by Drs. Milvia and Claudio Di Gioia, sons of the family and second-generation dentists.

Over the years, our Studio has been renovated and constantly updated, while remaining in its historic location in the centre of Bari in Via Dante, 97.

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Dental Therapies in Bari

In our dental office you will receive the best medical care
from the Di Gioia Doctors: we prevent and treat dental pathologies with passion and professionalism, performing state-of-the-art therapies in the absence of pain.

The following are the therapies most requested by our patients:

Clinical results

Look at the clinical results of the Di Gioia Doctors: comparing the condition of patients before and after the dentist’s intervention, the quality of our dental care will be evident to you.

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    Protect your dental health by staying informed: on our blog you can read dental articles about prevention methods, the latest discoveries, and news of Studio Di Gioia. Read our articles and you will discover how to have healthy teeth and enhance your smile.