Professional Dental Hygiene

Professional Dental Hygiene

Professional Dental Hygiene

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What is Professional Dental Hygiene (Scaling) ?

Professional Dental Hygiene, called in technical language “Detarthrasis” and by non-professionals in the “Dental Cleaning” sector, is the set of procedures that have the purpose of sanitize the teeth and periodontal tissues.

The meticulous cleaning performed by a specialized doctor has the aim to prevent and treat diseases that can affect the oral cavity.
Indeed professional dental hygiene allows to remove pathogens that can cause gum inflammation and dental caries.

The dental biofilm: formation of plaque and tartar

Dental Biofilm is a complex of microorganisms linked together that naturally proliferates inside the mouth.

The biofilm initially takes the form of Plaque: a whitish, viscous and dense substance, composed mainly of bacteria that base their metabolism on the elaboration of sugars.

Plaque can be kept under control with proper brushing after meals and the use of dental floss and mouthwash.

However, home hygiene does not eliminate all plaque: dental biofilm adheres to all tooth surfaces and on the gingival margins, making a thorough dental cleaning complicated.

There are several points that cannot be reached by brushing which therefore facilitate accumulation of plaque. Tartar formation derives from the accumulation of plaque: this biofilm is harder than the previous one and adheres firmly to the tooth surfaces.

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Damage caused by Dental Biofilm

Dental Biofilm with its action causes damage to dental and periodontal structures:

Blemishes – Stains on the teeth and regression of inflamed gums; Halitosis – Breath characterized by a persistent unpleasant odor;

Dental Hypersensitivity – Teeth are particularly sensitive to thermal and masticatory stimuli, causing sensations of acute and stinging pain;

Dental Caries – Enamel and dentin are broken down by the acidic action of the biofilm, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth and infect the pulp and root canals;

Gingivitis – The proliferation of bacteria can inflame the gums, causing pain, swelling and bleeding in the gums;

Periodontitis – If the gingival infection is not countered, the inflammation leads to the destruction of the periodontal tissues that act as support for the teeth.

Professional Dental Hygiene to Prevent Disease

Professional dental hygiene is a prevention tool: requesting a hygiene session every 6 months allows you to protect your health and keep your natural teeth for a long time.

This means spending a little money so you don’t have to run for cover later: dental disease is debilitating and painful. To counter them, complex therapies and sometimes prosthetic implants are needed, which have higher costs than preventive therapies.

For this reason we advise you to book a check-up appointment every 6 months, so that a specialist doctor can remove the plaque and tartar accumulated in areas that cannot be reached with a toothbrush.

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Professional Dental Hygiene at Di Gioia Dental Practice

At Studio Di Gioia, dental hygiene therapies are performed by Dr. Raffaella Fortunato, a specialized dental hygienist who has been caring for teeth and oral tissues for as many as 10 years.