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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the discipline of dentistry that takes care of dental alignment (intervening on crooked, rotated and protruding teeth) and corrects dental malocclusion (problems of dental crowding and bite).

In particular, orthodontics studies the anomalies in the constitution, development and position of the teeth and jaw bones.

Types of Orthodontic Appliances for Children and Adults

The Orthodontic Appliance is the device used for orthodontic therapies: when worn, this tool exerts constant pressure on the teeth, correcting their position and any other anomalies.

The action of the appliance determines a bone remodeling process: the dental appliance intervenes on the bone structure surrounding the teeth, weakening the incorrect dental conformation and guiding the growth of the bones in order to support the teeth in their new position.

Orthodontic therapy, to meet the patient’s needs, can be performed with different types of orthodontic appliances:

Fixed Orthodontic Appliance – Traditional dental appliance that consists of brackets (steel plates that are applied to the teeth), the metal wire that connect them and the elastic bands that exert pressure on the teeth.

These elements are applied by the dentist on the anterior surface of the teeth, they are fixed elements and cannot be removed independently by the patient. This type of appliance is used to treat dental misalignments in adolescents and adults.

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Mobile Orthodontic Appliance – Dental appliance characterized by the possibility of being worn and removed independently by the patient. The mobile device consists of an acrylic plate on which the metal wire, several screws and springs are placed. This type of appliance is used to correct dental alignment, and also to guide the development of bone and muscle tissue in the arches and jaws.

For this reason, the mobile device is mainly used in childhood.

Invisible Orthodontic Appliance – Variants of the orthodontic appliance that reduce the visibility of these orthodontic devices using particular materials (such as sapphire glass which is transparent) and advanced techniques. In this way it is possible to carry out an effective orthodontic therapy, without negatively influencing the aesthetics of the patient’s smile.

Among the techniques of invisible orthodontics are worthy of note:

Lingual Orthodontic Appliance – Dental appliance that shares the same characteristics as fixed orthodontic appliances, but which is applied to the inner side of the teeth. Lingual braces are referred to as an “invisible solution” because they are very discreet, not being visible during daily interactions.

For this reason it is a more appreciated solution by everyone, especially by adults who can use it without embarrassment in the workplace.

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Invisible Orthodontic Masks (Aligners) – Type of transparent removable dental aligner, which is digitally built and has the appearance of a “mask” for the teeth.

Orthodontic therapy with aligners requires several sets of aligners which are progressively replaced every 2 weeks, as the different stages of orthodontic care are reached.

This type of device is highly appreciated because it can be removed independently by the patient in a very simple way.

At the end of this period it is necessary to wear a maintenance device for about 12 months, in order to consolidate the progress obtained (Mobile Containment).

A complementary solution is the application of a thin steel wire behind the teeth, so as to keep them in the correct position without worries (Internal Fixed Retention).

Orthodontics at Di Gioia Dental Practice

At Di Gioia Dental Practice, Orthodontic therapies are performed by Dr. Eliana Di Gioia, a dentist specialized in Orthodontics who has been practicing electively in this field for 35 years, using traditional and aesthetic
orthodontic methods.

Our orthodontic department has an ancient history: Prof. Elio Di Gioia inaugurated Di Gioia Dental Practice in 1972, as the first dental practice in Puglia completely dedicated to the orthodontic discipline (study and treatment of pathologies concerning the development and disharmony of the dental arches and jaws).

This inheritance was taken up by the second generation dentists, Di Gioia doctors, and in particular by Dr. Eliana who is now the head of the orthodontics department.

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