Prescription Dental Drugs

Prescription Dental Drugs

Prescription Dental Drugs

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What is a Drug?

A Drug is a chemical substance that is administered to prevent, treat or cure a disease, promoting a state of well-being in the individual.

Frequently used drugs in dentistry

The dental medical activity requires the use of different kinds of drugs to control pain, fight infections and facilitate the healing process.

Based on the patient’s clinical condition, the dentist proceeds with the prescription of drugs that can promote physical health: preparing the intake of a pain-relieving, antibiotic, or anti-inflammatory drug serves to ensure peace of mind even outside the Practice.

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Dental Pharmacology at Di Gioia Dental Practice

Dear Patients of the Di Gioia Dental Practice, on this page we offer you a short list of the drugs and products most used as pharmaceutical aids to support the therapy and control dental pain, gum pain and dental infections.

The description, dosage, indications and contraindications of the drugs are taken from the information leaflet published by AIFA (https://servizionline.aifa.gov.it/).

We recommend using this information for consultation purposes and to avoid taking self-medication drugs, in case of need it is always useful to refer to your doctor.