Oral Hygiene – Dental cleaning intervention

Oral Hygiene – Dental cleaning intervention

Dental cleaning to eliminate bacterial plaque formations.

Professional dental cleaning is indispensable: ​​brushing your teeth independently is not enough to protect your dental health.

The professional dental cleaning carried out by a specialized hygienist is meticulous and detailed: it reaches remote places of the mouth that are normally not possible to brush during daily hygiene. Furthermore, the dental hygienist uses specific tools and products that also eliminate resistant bacterial stains and plaques.

To prevent and treat dental pathologies, we advise to request a professional dental cleaning every 3-6 months.

Clinical case – Multiple examples of oral hygiene interventions.

We present several cases of professional dental hygiene performed by our hygienists.

Professional hygiene removes bacterial plaque, interrupting inflammation and restoring health and well-being to the gums. Furthermore, the aesthetic aspect is also enhanced: cleaning restores the splendor of the teeth and eliminates annoying unaesthetic stains.