Periodontology – Treating the degeneration of periodontal tissues (Periodontitis)

Periodontology – Treating the degeneration of periodontal tissues (Periodontitis)

Periodontics treatment to defeat periodontitis, eliminating tissue inflammation and stopping their degeneration.

Periodontium is the set of structures that support the teeth: through the gum, the periodontal ligament, the root cementum and the alveolar bone, the teeth are held firmly inside the maxillary and mandibular bones.

Periodontal disease takes the name of “Periodontitis“: this word is made up of the term “periodontium” (the area of ​​interest) and the suffix “itis” (which has Greek origins and has the meaning of disease, specifically inflammatory).

Therefore, periodontitis is a pathology that causes inflammation of the tissues of the periodontium: in particular, this clinical condition causes the degeneration of the supporting tissues of the teeth.

The consequences of periodontal disease is tooth loss: the deterioration of the bone tissue, that keeps the teeth still in the mouth, causes an increase in dental mobility. So the teeth are no longer well anchored inside the mouth, they are particularly sensitive and can fall out.
Periodontitis is considered the leading cause of tooth loss in adulthood.

It is also important to remember that the lack of dental elements, in addition to being the cause of obvious aesthetic imperfections, causes important negative consequences on the functions of chewing, phonation and breathing.


Clinical case – Periodontics treatment to defeat periodontitis, eliminating tissue inflammation and interrupting their degeneration.

We present a case of periodontology treated by Dr. Claudio Di Gioia, who with his specialist skills treated the periodontal disease that afflicted this patient.

The first photo shows the uncovered roots of the central incisors of the lower arch. This is caused by gum recession, a typical symptom of periodontitis. In fact, periodontal inflammation causes the deterioration of these tissues, including the gums, which consequently expose the tooth, making it more sensitive and fragile.

In the following photo, the gum is no longer withdrawn, thanks to the therapy performed by Dr. Claudio Di Gioia:
Excellent oral hygiene was established, removing plaque and tartar and guiding the patient to the careful care of their teeth. This phase is important because it allows you to eliminate the bacteria responsible for the periodontal infection;
A bone tissue graft was performed to facilitate the regeneration of tissues compromised by periodontitis and reduce the gingival pockets formed.

The photos compared show how the patient was treated with excellent results, restoring his security and peace of mind again.